Animal Interfaith Alliance

Faiths Working Together for Animals


The Animal Interfaith Alliance (AIA) is a unique alliance of the world’s most influential faith based, animal advocacy organisations which speaks out on the moral treatment of animals by drawing on the combined wisdom of all faiths and worldviews. It promotes social harmony by bringing the faith groups together on an issue they all share a concern for. AIA’s activities include animal advocacy and education.

The Animal Interfaith Alliance is a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) accredited organisation and a member of UNEP’s Faith for Earth Coalition. It is also a member of the World Federation for Animals (WFA) and Eurogroup for Animals (EfA).

Why Faith Matters

People of faith make up over 80% of the world’s population. Their views make a difference and can lead to global transformation. All faiths teach compassion to animals.

Spirited Arts Competition 2023

All God’s Creatures?

In 2023, AIA and VinE jointly sponsored the theme ‘All God’s Creatures?’ in NATRE’s Spirited Arts competition. We had over 4,000 really powerful entries, some of which are shown in this video. Further details on the Spirited Arts competition can be seen here.


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is a peaceful world where people of all faiths and none work together to treat animals with respect and compassion.

Our Mission is to create a united voice for animals from all of the major faiths to bring about a world where animals are treated with respect and compassion.

What We Do

Members – We bring together diverse faith-based animal advocacy organisations to be a strong united voice for animals. Meet our member organisations.

Education – We educate through our new RE Education Materials, our sponsorship of the NATRE Spirited Arts Competition and our Education Resources.

Advocacy – We campaign against cruelty to animals. We aim to put animals on the agendas of major institutions and undertake letter writing campaigns.

Our Beliefs

– We believe in ahimsa – a vegan lifestyle which does not harm others;

– Animals are sentient beings who have the right to live freely and not to be made to suffer by humans;

– Animals exist for their own sakes and not for ours;

– Animals are emotional beings who can love us and provide companionship, and can be members of our family and community;

– We are part of an interconnected web which includes the Earth and all its inhabitants, both plant and animals.  By abusing part of that web, we damage the rest of it, including the environment and ourselves.

Our Eight Key Ambitions

1. To Put Animal Ethics on the Education Curriculum

2. To Work with the Parliament of World Religions for Animals

3. To Achieve a UN Convention on Animal Protection

4. To Put Animals in the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals

5. To Replace Lab Animals with 21st Century Human Relevant Test Methods

6. To Promote a Plant Based Diet and End Factory Farming

7. To Promote Ethical Finance to Support Animal Welfare

8. To Reactively Campaign

Read Our Five Year Strategy


Faiths Working Together for Animals

AIA is a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Accredited Organisation


The Animal Interfaith Alliance is a registered not-for-profit company number 8958588. 

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